Here’s to a Perfect Event !

Here’s to a Perfect Event !

Does it frustrate you when your guests have trouble parking in downtown Montreal or Quebec? Would you like to enhance your guest experience by impressing visitors with luxury valet service that eliminates those issues and saves them valuable time?

If you answered yes, then Valet Quebec is your solution! Our mission is simply to offer the very best service when parking your vehicles during special occasions. We aim to maintain the highest level of quality and service for your guests at corporate events, on special nights, at weddings and graduation parties and for patrons frequenting restaurants, attending golf tournaments, visiting prestigious hotels, and much more! We are committed to constantly challenging ourselves and surpassing our own expectations in providing a superior level of valet service at a multitude of venues.

We are a fast growing enterprise with a solid reputation to match. Our valets are recognized in the industry for being very thoughtful and attentive to the guest’s needs; the team at Valet Quebec pays extra close and special attention to the requests of its customers and always strives to provide a fantastic experience for everyone!

Valet Quebec strategically works with the best parking lots in Old Montreal and Quebec. This affiliation helps us guarantee the best parking services available in these cities and completely sets us apart within the industry. Along with this, our valets present themselves in a professional manner in professional attire, with neat uniforms and clearly identifiable company logos. While helping to maintain our incomparable level of service, each of these things additionally helps to protect against theft.

On that note, it is important to point out that you are in safe hands when employing our service. Our valets are all 25 years of age and older and are carefully investigated with thorough background checks. You can have peace of mind knowing that Valet Quebec is protected with the best insurance available because we adhere to its necessary and stringent requirements.

When you choose Valet Quebec for your parking needs, you will be completely satisfied. Your guests will definitely enjoy a prestigious and distinguished level of service that will guarantee them a most memorable experience!