About us

Who are we?


Valet Quebec is a young and prestigious enterprise that has grown its business and its excellent reputation quickly, and for good reason. Its owner and operator, Mr. Dominic Gagné, has thoughtfully and carefully shaped Valet Quebec into a distinctly professional parking service, unsurpassed in its industry, with turnkey parking solutions and an outstanding level of customer service.

Not only does valet service enhance the experience of a special event, it can be essential to its perceived success. When parking spaces are limited and traffic situations complicated, employing the best valet team helps to ensure your function goes as planned, smoothly and with class. Not only will Valet Quebec provide the best customer service for your guests, it will propose ideas and solutions to help make your event a more wonderfully memorable one.

Himself a perfectionist, Mr. Gagné knows that quality employees are fundamental to delivering the level of service clients have come to know, expect, and appreciate. As a result, team members are thoroughly trained according to Valet Quebec’s distinguished customer service standards. Because of this, Valet Quebec can guarantee qualified, professional and courteous valets at all times.  You can also be confident that Valet Quebec’s team, all aged 25 years or older, assures complete security over your cars with safe driving records and thorough background checks.

Valet Quebec opens the door to 5 star valet service with a team that is completely devoted to your satisfaction. The valet is both the first impression made and the last impression left with your guests. Valet Quebec has shown it can enhance the image of any event with the level of service it provides and the professional standards and appearance to which it adheres. You and your guests deserve the very best.

Choose Valet Quebec and have confidence you will receive it!