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What exactly is professional valet service?


Valet Quebec is specialized in the automobile valet service. Our team is dynamic and exceptionally trained by valet specialists only. Valet Quebec knows how to satisfy and meet every need of a personalized valet parking service.

Our valet team is accompanied by customer service professionals. Every valet employee is required to be minimum 25 years of age, mature and responsible. Valet Quebec makes a solid promise to arrive on location in advance in order to properly prepare the grounds and ensure that every vehicle is well taken care of. Prior to every event, our employees have motivational meetings which allows us to guarantee professionalism and a better quality of service. Valet Quebec guarantees that a supervisor is on location at all times in order to better control and manage parking, service, and high security for all vehicles in the event of any unforeseen situations. We strive for the best quality of customer service at all times. With Complete security in parking lots as well as the best insurance available, peace of mind is guaranteed.

In addition to our many other services, Valet Quebec also has a qualified professional looking over the key compartment at all times. With top of the line modern equipment, Valet Quebec also prepares itself for any unexpected events, such as loss of a parking stub, parking management, as well as parking circulation. These situations are solely our responsibility.

We are valet service based on pride and excellence. Our employees, wearing a professional uniform, will offer a very high quality of customer service in order to offer you the most complete and exclusive service possible. Not only are our uniforms well distinguished and cleaned after every event, but they are also fabricated to be very visible and difficult to reproduce. Once again, this offers a service that is out of the ordinary. Valet Quebec takes time to care for the small, yet important details of every aspect of our services.

Vigilant, cautious, and incomparable customer service, Valet Quebec will constantly meet all of your valet parking needs. Our valet services can easily be adapted for any event or unforeseen circumstances that may require any special attention. We are qualified in services specifically intended for prestigious vehicles as well as special events such as weddings, banquets of all sorts, restaurant services, night club evening, as well services for any other organization or enterprise. For one evening or long-term, Valet Quebec is qualified to make your experience unforgettable.