What is the cost for valet services?

The fees for valet parking services will vary from one event to another. We base our pricing on elements such as the location of the event, the total number of hours the valets will be working, the distance back and forth to the cars, and on whether or not there will be special requirements such as the reserving of parking meters, which in this case there will be since there is no separate reception area.

How long does it take for the guests to receive their cars?

The average time to return a car to its owner is approximately 3 minutes 30 seconds; the key factor in this time is the distance to the parking space and how long it takes the valet to get there, retrieve the car and bring it back.

How do we know how many valets are necessary for our event?

The number of valets that we will send to an event depends on the type of event and the number of guests that will be attending. With a wedding, fewer valets are needed compared to a gala evening where all of the guests leave at the same time. In addition to considering the anticipated flow of patrons to and from the event, we will calculate the number of cars anticipated and the time it will take for the valet to get to the parking site.

Are we responsible for finding the used parking lots for our cars?

We can locate parking spaces for your business and negotiate the best prices available for them. The other option is to leave the customers in charge of finding their own parking spaces.

Are the cars supervised at all times?

A valet is always present at the parking site to assure security at all times for all cars.  You can leave your car with complete peace of mind.

Are my guests required to pay for the valet services?

The method of payment for our service is left to the discretion of our client. We can invoice the organizer of the event, or we can collect from the guests directly.

How will my guests know there is a valet service offered?

We have all necessary signage to promote the visibility of our service and make it easy for your guests to navigate their way to our reception area. If necessary, we can also write instructions on the signage about the event and the number of expected guests.  We have posters and banners to meet all of your needs.

Why should I hire a valet service for my event?

Doing business with Valet Quebec will undoubtedly enhance the image of your business. Employing our service will show your customer just how much you care about them. They will now be able to leave the frustration and stress of parking to our valets, while saving their own personal and valuable time.  In addition to the added convenience of our valet service, we will welcome each guest and open the door, literally, to a 5-star, unforgettable experience. We will even provide the umbrellas should it happen to be raining!

How do you plan an event?

Our valets will be on site 30 minutes prior to the start of your event, so that when your guests begin to arrive, we will be ready to take charge, opening car doors and welcoming them with courtesy.  A responsible manager overseeing the reception will make sure that all of the guests are welcomed as they should be. Upon the guests’ return, our valets will be waiting and accepting their valet coupons, and then going to retrieve each car one by one. Our valets will be available at their work station from the beginning to the end of your function.

Do you have insurance?

Valet Quebec retains the best insurance available. Our policy covers all business activities as well as all of the vehicles in our care during service, and it provides coverage up to $500,000 per car and $500,000 for each civilian.

Is there a minimum of cars necessary to receive your services?

Valet Quebec does not have a minimum car requirement. However, we must be informed of the number of guests that will be present at your event to make sure we provide the right number of valets to best serve you.

What are the qualifications to be hired as a valet?

Valet Quebec has very stringent hiring criteria. The minimum age requirement is 25 years, and all of the candidates are given thorough background checks. We make sure that there is no record of criminal activity, and we additionally check to verify this 1-2 times throughout the year.  No candidate will be retained if his or her record is not perfect. Tests for driving and customer service skills are also given after the required two day training course. To be employed at Valet Quebec, everything must be perfect. Our employees are re-evaluated annually.

Are the valets specially formed for the valet services?

Valet Quebec provides two full days of training for all of its new candidates. The training includes instruction on how to drive a luxury car and on Valet Quebec’s high performance standards and work ethic.

Do you have all the materials needed?

Valet Quebec has all of the equipment necessary to offer the best valet service available: road signage, a locked key kiosk, coupons, 7 foot banners, welcome tent, umbrellas, uniforms, etc..

What else can the valet service offer us?

Offering valet service to your patrons will definitely set your business apart from the rest.  There are many restaurants in Montreal.  Treating your customers to valet service will not only enhance the image of your business, it will put you a step above the rest who don’t.  When winter weather is bad and cold, roads are congested with snow, available parking spaces are in short supply because of the condos being built, and traffic is a mess because of the ever growing amount of road construction, locating a parking spot in Montreal can take up to a half hour. Customers will most appreciate an establishment that, by employing a valet service, will save them valuable time and dealing with these unfavourable conditions.

Is it possible to have uniforms has requested?

About uniforms, Valet Quebec has options for you. We can dress in our customary black pants with clean black shoes and a polo shirt in company colours. Or, we can pair the black pants with a nice white dress shirt and black tie if a more sophisticated look is your preference. And, we can even wear tuxedos to coordinate with the colours of your event. At Valet Quebec, you choose the look that’s best for your function.

How is the functionality of a valet service for a restaurant?

When it comes to restaurants, our protocol is to work in tandem with the servers. When you ask for your bill, we ask that you also give them your valet service coupon. This will ensure that we have your car waiting for you at the door; in the winter months, this includes any snow removal and turning on the interior heat. As far as the fees for this service, it will depend on the agreement between the restaurant and Valet Quebec. Some restaurants will pay the fee, others will leave that to the customer.

Are your valet services available during winter season?

Our services are conveniently offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.